Attracting international, national, and regional jazz/blues and world beat artists, the SJF has proven the true potential to become a long-term musical event. Only with your support, does the festival have the opportunity for an enormous impact on the cultural and economic development of our region. Fostering one of America’s greatest art forms, jazz, Scranton has a rich history, dating back to the 1930′s when two jazz legends, Tommy Dorsey and Jimmy Dorsey, performed regularly with the Scranton Sirens Jazz Band. Our area is also credited with hosting the first known recorded jazz festival, “The Cavalcade of Dixieland Jazz”, in 1951. Since its premiere in 2005 the Festival has drawn audiences from the entire Mid-Atlantic region, resulting in tremendous notoriety and exposure to the international jazz world. The SJF can revive our region as the cultural epicenter, spreading the arts throughout the northeast, no different that such festivals as Newport, Rhode Island; JVC, New York, Saratoga Springs, Florida; and Monterey, California. With your generosity, to pioneer this program, we will be able to significantly enrich our community and region. This support will help us to defer costs for production, artists feeds, advertising, and promotional expenses. In addition, your contribution will be applied toward matching funds, provided by local and state funding organizations. Together, as a united team effort, we can make artistic magic happen for Scranton. How incredible would it be to see this festival, in time, be considered a major summer destination place for the jazz/blues and world beat community? Only with your help will that magic happen.
If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, we offer the following packages:

Corporate Sponsor

Media mention, full page listing in program book, name on all print media, radio, TV, 20 tickets to the Festival, 2 tickets to “Sponsor Party.” $5,000.00 and above

Festival Sponsor

1/2 page listing in program book, 15 tickets to the Festival, 2 tickets to “Sponsor Party.” $2,500.00

Jazz Aficionado

1/4 page listing in program book, 8 tickets to the Festival, 2 tickets to “Sponsor Party.” $1,500.00

Jazz Enthusiast

Program book sponsor page listing, 4 tickets to the Festival, 2 tickets to “Sponsor Party.” $500.00

Jazz Lover

Program book sponsor page listing, 2 tickets to the Festival, 2 tickets to “Sponsor Party.” $250.00

Thank you for your time and interest in the Scranton Jazz Festival. Checks should be made payable to: The Scranton Jazz Festival 1508 Jefferson Ave. Dunmore, PA 18509 Please provide your business name of logo the way you want it to appear in all print ads. All sponsor contributions are a tax write off via the non profit status of The Pa Jazz Alliance Inc. Please email us to inquire more about this process. Thank you for your generous support.