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Elephants Dancing

Erin Malloy
June 30, 2023
Bob Velez
June 30, 2023
High-energy, 6 piece, Reggae/Ska hailing from Northeast, PA. With a diverse set of musical backgrounds, lead singers and songwriters Michael Iorio (Vocals/Bass) and Danny Sales (Vocal/Guitar) focus on keeping their music angsty while maintaining a groovy vibe. Lyrically, Elephants Dancing ranges from spreading good vibes to throwing down, supplemented by catchy horn lines and careful instrumentation. What started with a singer-songwriter/Reggae feel, over the next few years blossomed to holster the upbeat and lively music the group creates today. Supplemented by the talents of Dan Sperlein (Trombone), Adam Jonkman (Sax), Isiah Ortiz (Trumpet), and Christian Hartman (Drums), the promise of a new and reformed, dynamic.